Led by and for BIPOC Bay Area writers since 2015

Builds multicultural solidarity around

  • our unique identities os people of color

  • reclamation of our culture and history

  • personal and community well-being

  • civil liberties and social justice

We bring together established and emerging writers across race, class, age, and other barriers. We are poets, memoirists, fiction writers, essayists and more. Our work reflects the complex realities of San Francisco’s 60% people of color—from the formerly homeless to  educators, healers, activists, and just plain folks working for change. Over 350 writers and artists have participated in our programs.


Director: Shizue Seigel. writenowsf@gmail.com

Project Assistants: Jennifer Banta Yoshida and Rosalie Cavallaro

Consultants: Lenore Naxon, planning and marketing
Jon Finck, public relations. Encore Communications 2.0, jonfincksf@gmail.com


Andre Le Mont Wilson, poet and advocate for the LGBTQ and disability communities

Darzelle Oliveros, student, City College of San Francisco

Kelechi Ubozoh, mental health consultant, editor, facilitator

Kevin Madrigal, poet and food justice advocate

Tehmina Khan, English professor, City College of San Francisco


Kim Shuck, San Francisco Poet Laureate Emerita

Avotcja, poet, musician, DJ at KPOO and KPFA radio

Thomas Robert Simpson, director, Afro-Solo Theater Company

Nancy Wang, co-director, Eth-Noh-Tec

Sandra Bass, Associate Dean and Director of the Public Service Center, UC Berkeley

Christl Rikka Perkins, writer, teacher, The Academy, San Francisco public high school

Lina Begonia, poet, communications manager, Bookstore West Portal


Write Now! is fiscally sponsored by Intersection for the Arts and supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission, California Arts Council, the Literary Arts Emergency Fund, Community Vision, and the Zellerbach Family Foundation, Past funders include  the Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center, California Humanities, and Center for Cultural Innovation.