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Endangered Species, Enduring Values cover art
An Anthology of San Francisco Area Writers and Artists of Color
Edited by Shizue Seigel • Pease Press

$17.95. 272 pp. (90 color pages).

150+ works of prose, poetry, art and photography by 70 creatives of color

ISBN: 978-0-9904173-4-7

Truly stunning! Stories and artworks by “creatives of color” bring readers

to the edges of awareness, endurance and beauty.  I love every voice!!

                         — Deborah Santana, editor, All the Women in My Family Sing

“Nothing short of amazing. A thoughtful and inclusive curation, a necessary anthology of voices saying ‘We are San Francisco. We will not be erased!’”  

                         —Truong Tran, poet, visual artist, educator, Book of the Other

A treasure chest full of literary gems! 

                           —Naomi Hirahara, author, the Mas Arai mystery series

Shizue Seigel. is a literary troublemaker, a canary in the coal mine of white supremacy, as it still dominates literature, as editors tacitly ignore writers of color, and as major white publishers continue to turn their backs on the fact that San Francisco and California are respectively white-minority city and state. You will be moved by this book chock full of seasoned writers of color and budding beginners of all ages. 

                           —Dennis J. Bernstein, Executive Producer, Flashpoints, KPFA

Essays, memoir, fiction, visuals and poetry paint an honest, complex and personal picture of San Francisco area artists-of-color. Interdisciplinary, intergenerational and inspiring pieces illuminate how natives and immigrants, domestic and international, can shape a city.

                          —Elmaz Abinader, author, This House, My Bones, 

                             co-founder and program director, VONA

ENDANGERED SPECIES, ENDURING VALUES is a literary and artistic guide to the real San Francisco—a sampling of the seldom-heard 58% that brings color and diversity to the city in every sense of the word.  

The book invites readers, whether people of color or not, to meet an array of people unlike themselves. Knowledge is power—it leads to understanding, compassion, and informed action. We can actively work towards transformative growth as individuals, as a region, and as a nation by listening to each other, learning lessons, and finding commonalities.


More than 70 established and emerging writers and artists of color contributed over 150 pieces of prose, poetry and artwork. They include San Francisco Poet Laureate Kim Shuck, San Francisco Fire Commissioner Francée Covington, artist/curator Rene Yañez, physician/educator Sriram Shamasunder, mental health advocate Kelechi Ubozoh, poets Sandra García Rivera, Jennifer Hasegawa and Clara Hsu, storytellers/performers Thomas Robert Simpson and Nancy Wang, union activists Choppy Oshiro and Karina Muniz-Pagan, writer/activist Li Miao Lovett, artist Mark Harris, Afrofuturist Kwan Booth and Rochelle Spencer, pioneering educator/psychiatrist Keh-Ming Lin, UC Berkeley, Assistant Dean Sandra Bass, and others.

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