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Calls for two series of mini-publications to be passed out free to the general public. Each series will include at least five 5.5 x 8.5 inch mini publications, 4 to 8 pages long. Open to writers and artists of color.

Supported by the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program and the California Arts Council to give voice to the unheard voices that are the backbone of our richly diverse society.

Multiple images of Talking to Strangers


A series of mini publications highlighting the lived realities of people of color, particularly on the Central Coast. However, FOOD FOR THOUGHT is open to all writers and artists of color. It was conceived by Shizue Seigel, a Japanese American whose family lost their 140-acre Pismo Beach produce ranch during World War II. She earned her first dollar picking strawberries at a Driscoll’s sharecropping camp. 

• Who grows our food? 

• Who cooks our meals?

• Who delivers them?

• Who doesn’t have enough to eat?

• Who eats to much?

• How does food nurture our bodies, souls and spirits?

• What else do we need to feed us emotionally and culturally?


A series of mini publications based on the lived realties of people of color in California.

• What feeds us emotionally and culturally?

• What sustains us during uncertain times? •  What holds us back?

• What have we learned from challenges? • What do we still have to learn?

• Who or what nurtures us? • Whom or what do we nurture?

• What are we hiding?  • What are we seeking?

• What do we need to see clearly? • What do we need to bring into the light?


LIFE LINES is a project of Write Now! SF Bay. It was conceived by Shizue Seigel, a Japanese American who underwent a mental health crisis in her teens. Her family was badly scarred by World War II incarceration. They sought safety in the model minority, but she found wholeness in creativity, spiritual traditions and multicultural community. 


What to submit 

Poetry: 1 or 2 poems, no more than 64 lines each.

Prose: 650-800 words of memoir, essay or fiction based on lived experience as a person of color or ally.

Four-color visual art: Paintings, drawings, photographs, or any visual medium relating to the themes that fits 5"w x 6.5"h space.

Bilingual, Spanglish, or other languages encouraged. (Page length can expand for translations.)

Previously published work OK.

Attach your text as  .doc,  .docx, or .pdf and your images as .jpgs (4MB max).




Please fill out the appropriate Google form and then EMAIL your submissions to writenowsf@gmailcom

Food for Thought:

Life Lines:

Questions? Shizue Seigel <>

Need inspiration? Write with supportive people of color at virtual writing workshops.

More info at WORKSHOPS. Dates/times may vary in 2024.  Follow us on Eventbrite  to get notifications of  upcoming  workshops and events.

Or email for the latest schdue.

• BIPOC Hatchery - 2nd Tuesdays, 6-8pm

• Write Now! 3rd Saturdays, 10-am-noon

• Hidden Histories, 4th Mondays, 6-8pm (on hold)


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